File Vault
The File Vault contains all the extra stuff created for Risus beyound html pages of settings, adventures, rules and what not. It's a plave for fancy PDF write-ups, for art collections on settings, for One Page Challenge submissions, for programs written to aid the tech savvy Risus gamer, for anything else you make!

All files (save for embedded pictures on specific pages) are hosted on archive and vault sites, off the main page. This is to spread the file size total of the Risusiverse out a bit, since currently there's a 100MB limit for files. If you have access to the Risusiverse here, you'll have access to the archive pages as well.

Current Files
These file archives hold content that's current to this version of the Risusiverse.
  • Risus Archive - Art - This holds art collections and stand-alone pieces of art dedicated to Risus.
  • Risus Archive - Files - A place for pdf write-ups, software and other related odds and ends.
  • Risus Archive - One Page Challenge - Any One Page Challenge entry should be added to the main page of this archive. Once the current challenge ends, the files will be moved into a sub-page, leaving the main page clean for a new One Page Challenge.

Wetpaint Files
The Risusiverse File Vault contains all the files for the Wetpaint version of the site.