Forget Something?
In the process of developing your character, the dice may be against you and you don't acquire any points to develop clichés. If a character wishes, and the GM approves, it is possible to adjust the rank of one cliché by lowering the rank of another cliché.

It is up to the GM to set limits on this. In my own campaign, a player may raise a cliché by one point for every two points removed from another (or for removing a point from two clichés). Also, a player may never raise a cliché above the rank of 2 through this option.

This option is best represented in characters growing from childhood. There are things that you forget in order to learn something else. It also works well in those instances where your Compassionate Pirate (4) cliché has not been used in a long time and you want to add a new cliché to your character that better describes his current vocation — Initiate of The Holy Order of Bacchus (2).