For the most part this universe setup is more of a guide to creating a character in the Naruto universe because to make an adventure in the Naruto universe is pretty straightforward. First off the story can obviously take place at any point in the Naruto universe that you want so I don't need to go over that.There is one major change and that is that people use all of their cliches in conjunction when playing and not just one because the cliches are not set up the same way(this is why the character creation becomes so much more involving). 

First off you are given 4 dice one to decide the village or organization you will be associated with, one to decide what clan you are from, one to decide what type of ninja you will be, and one final die to decide what your rank or position is as a ninja.

Special Skills

Village or Organization Cliches

Hidden Leaf VillageMember of Hidden Leaf Village
Hidden Sand VillageMember of Hidden Sand Village
Hidden Rock VillageMember of Hidden Rock Village
Hidden Cloud VillageMember of Hidden Cloud Village
Hidden Mist VillageMember of Hidden Mist Village
Hidden Rain VillageMember of Hidden Rain Village
Hidden Waterfall VillageMember of Hidden Waterfall Village
Hidden Grass VillageMember of Hidden Grass Village
Hidden Sound VillageMember of Hidden Sound Village
Hidden Snow VillageMember of Hidden Snow Village
Hidden Star VillageMember of Hidden Star Village
Missing-NinHas left his/her village for any number of reasons including expulsion from village, quest for power, or anything else.
Akatsuki MemberMember of the secret organization Akatsuki. The Akatsuki are an organization of 9 members. They are incredibly powerful and are a force to be reckoned with. Whenever a member dies a new person replaces them. Usually the Akatsuki are split into two man teams and the leader works on his own, however for the sake of the game this can be modified.
Seven Swordsmen Shinobi of the MistThese are seven extremly powerful swordsmen who are all or at once were members of the hidden Mist Village. They all use specialized swords and have incredible fightning technique. Not much else is known of this organization.
The Twelve Elite GuardsThe twelve elite guards is a group of higly trained ninjas from the fire country who help to guard the fire country's Damiyo.

Clan or Bloodline Cliches

AburameMembers of this clan can use Bugs to attack their enemies and can use special Jutsu in the manipulation of bugs.
AkimichiMembers of this clan tend to be heavier than most ninjas but can use abilities where they expand body parts and fight with extreme power.
HyuugaThis clan has a bloodline limit called Byakugan where they can see the life force and chakra of their opponents and attack their weakest points. They also have incredible view and can see amazingly far ahead of them in all directions.
InuzukaMembers of this clan have pet dogs that they fight with and use in many jutsus.
NaraMembers of this clan have the ability to manipulate their shadows in amazing ways. This may not sound good but it can be incredibly useful.
UchihaMembers of this clan have the Sharingan Eye which allows them to copy techniques after seeing it once and in more powerful forms, perform incredible Genjutsu(Illusionary techniques).
YamankaMembers form this clan can take control of other peoples minds but their own bodies become very vulnerable during this process.
Haku's ClanMember's of this clan can manipulate water into ice in powerful jutsus.
KaguyaThe members of this clan can take bones out of their bodies and use them as fierce melee weapons. They can also regrow bones in seconds and manipulate their bone's growth so their bodies shape changes.
Sakon and Ukon's ClanMembers of this clan have the ability to go inside other people's bodies to rest or increase the abilities of that person.

Ninja Type Cliche

JinchurikiThis is someone who has had a demon put into them with a seal. Someone using this ninja type cannot have a clan/bloodline cliche and must use the die for a second die for this instead. They are incredibly powerful and can be very dangerous when their power is unchecked.
Cursed SealLike a Jinchuriki, someone using this ninja type cannot have a clan/bloodline cliche and must use the die for a second die for this instead
Puppet MasterThis Ninja uses Puppets in his fighting techniques as an offensive and defensive technique. He also has the ability to create puppets outside of battle for specific uses.
Fan WielderThis ninja uses a giant fan to assist in their fighting, and is usually attributed with using wind based skills.
Music ManipulatorA member of the hidden village of the sound, this ninja can use musical instruments or tools that enhance sound in some way to perform attacks.
Life PainterThis ninja uses blank scrolls and special ink to make his paintings come alive and fight.
Clay MolderThis person has a seal on their hand that looks like a mouth and can insert clay models into it and make them real so they can fight in their place or with them.
Familiar UserFamiliar users are ninjas who get help from numerous types of animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, snakes, monkeys, bugs and birds. These animals are different from summoned creatures because they are with the user at all times and do not leave when they are not needed anymore. Members of the Aburame and the Inuzuka clan are familiar users.
Normal NinjaThis ninja is a completely normal ninja without a special set of techniques or tools.

You will almost always start out as a genin however there may be cases where you start off lower or higher for special stories.

Ninja Rank or Profession

Academy StudentPreschooler of ninjas
GeninStill in training but going on actual missions while training.
ChuninUsually teaches Academy Students or does lower level important missions for Hokage.
Chunin Exam ExaminerCan be anyone but is conducting part of the Chunin exam.
Special JouninA Jounin appointed to the position for a specific task or reason by the Hokage.
Medical NinNinja specializing in medical Jutsu.
Military MemberPart of their village's military.
JouninProficient in all forms of Jutsu, and highly skilled in other things.
AnbuSpecial ninjas who must track down Missing Nin.
Hunter NinTracks down ninjas with bounties to make money.
Anbu "Ne"Part of the anbu Roots organization and does special tasks for only the highest ranked anbu.
Hidden Village CouncilMember of democratic council for a hidden ninja.
Kage"King" of a village. Considered the strongest there is.
SanninElite ninjas above their Kage.

After setting this up, you will then get between 10 and 12 dice (Based on what your GM wants) to divide up among your mastery's of different types of jutsus. The number of dice you have on a type of Jutsu decides what level of that Jutsu can learn up to out of the 4 levels. Each die represents one level and 3 jutsus. Example: If you have two dice on the Genjutsu type, you can learn up to 6 (3 * 2) level 1 and or 2 Genjutsu type jutsus.

Jutsu Types
GenjutsuIllusionary techniques that can trick your opponents.
Taijutsujutsus that use your body and are based mainly around physical attacks.
NinjutsuTechniques that help covertness and are your basic to advanced offensive techniques.
DoujutsuTechniques involving the eyes (These techniques are mainly used when you are a member of the Hyuga or Uchiha bloodlines).
Fuuinjutsujutsus involving summoning and seals (most jutsus in this category are level 3 or 4)
KinjutsuForbidden techniques that are extremely advanced(most are level 3 or 4)

The final step to creating a character is to choose what jutsus he/she will know based on what Jutsu cliches they have. Currently I am only adding jutsus from the manga version of the game because I do noit folow the anime very much however i may add the anime techniques eventually. To find the jutsu lists look on the sidebar under the Naruto link.
You are now ready to begin your adventure.