Name: Bringer of Darkness Technique
Level: 1
Effect: This jutsu makes the target believe that they are shrouded in darkness and decreases their accuracy severely. This attack can be used on any number of opponents but is harder to execute for each opponent after the first one.

Name: Demonic Flute: Dream Sound Chain
Level: 2
Effect: This jutsu is used by a music manipulator who uses a flute. Makes the target believe that they are bound by hundreds of wires and the n that their flesh is melting off. it causes immense pain and is stopped the moment the music of the flute stops. 

Name: Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Level: 1
Effect: Makes the target believe that their surroundings have changed in some way.( can be a change as small as one object, or the entire room).

Name: Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Level: 2
Effect: Can only be used by someone from the uchiha clan. Makes the opponents genjutsu backfire and occur on them instead.

Name: Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death
Level: 3
Effect: When they use this, the user can dissapper and bind their opponent in a tree. After their opponent is bound to the tree the user can then reappear and attack to kill.

Name: Mist Servent Technique 
Level: 2
Effect: The user creates thousands of copies of themself that are made of a black oily liquid. These copies can be regenerated if they are destoyed and can throw kunai.

Name: Sly Mind Affect Technique 
Level: 1
Effect: The user makes the target believe that they are getting closer to their desired location when in fact theyare walking in circles over and over.

Name: Temple of Nirvana Technique
Level: 1
Effect: Causes all people in a specific area or location to fall into a deep sleep. It distracts them with rose petals that fall from the sky and takes a long time to take full affect. Any decent ninja can dispell this attack before it is finished hence its low mastery level.

Name: Tsukuyomi
Level: 4
Effect: This jutsu can only be performed by the Uchiha clan . When executed, the jutsu traps the target in a illusionary world that is completely controlled by the user. While it only takes a few seconds to complete in the real world, the user can make it seem as if days have passed for the target. Depending on the user's whim, they can either torture their target for days on end, or make them relive a traumatic event over and over. Once the jutsu is finished, the target will not be able to fight for some time, if they don't suffer complete mental collapse.Because the Sharingan is the main factor in executing this jutsu, eye contact is required. This technique can only be used once per battle and the player using it must roll a 26 or better out of 30, a 17 or better out of 20, or a 6 out of 6( If they fail at using it they can try again but only a maximum of 3 times including the first roll).