Epic Combat

A way to make combats longer and more cinematic.
Based on the idea that losing a dice is not being physically hurt, but represents losing advantage. The idea is to have a way to re-gain that advantage.
A character can only inflict damage if it has the advantage. In other words, when its clichéis higher than their opponents, or is at the value at the beginning of combat.
When a opponent's cliché is reduced, the character can take advantage again. So: If you win the round and your cliché is equal or lower than enemy's cliche because it was previously reduced in that battle, recover one dice for your own cliche,instead of reducing enemy's cliche. That means that you recovered the advantage. When your cliché is higher (even if it has been reduced this combat), or your cliche is as high as when the battle started, your opponent's cliche is reduced normally.