FickleGM's Risus Gear
*Note: I believe that this would be the correct place for this article.

In my game, I am attempting to keep things abstract, yet add value to special gear (both functionally and economically). Following is a list of terms that apply to how I will be treating Risus gear. As you can see, I am a big fan of the Teaming Up rules, as they give the possibility of big bonuses, but do not guarantee anything.

Defensive Gear: Whenever a Cliche is damaged that is applicable to the Cliche of the defensive gear, the character may opt to remove any lost dice from the defensive gear, instead. Defensive gear cannot lose more dice than the Cliche contains. Dice lost are regained when the item is repaired/recharged, except in the case of one-use gear (such as a potion of defense), which is permanently lost when used.
Worth 1 + its highest Cliche level.

Healing Gear: Whenever a character wishes to heal a damaged Cliche, he may remove one die from the Cliche of the healing gear and place it on the damaged Cliche. Healing gear cannot heal more damage than it has in Cliche dice. Dice spent from temporary Healing Gear (potions) are permanently lost, while dice spent from rechargeable Healing Gear (wands) are regained when the item is recharged.
Worth 1 + its highest Cliche level.

Offensive Gear: Whenever a character uses a Cliche that is applicable to the offensive gear's Cliche, the offensive gear may be teamed up with the character's Cliche. Any damage is dealt randomly to either the character or the offensive gear (one-use gear loses the dice permanently, while other gear must be repaired/recharged). Some types of offensive gear can act without needing to team up and roll independently of the character's cliches (a poisoned drink would roll directly against an opponent, while a poisoned weapon would team with a character's combat Cliche).
Worth 1 + its highest Cliche level.

Ammunition Gear: Ammunition gear works in the same manner as offensive gear, except that it is lost after being used. Rarely, ammunition gear can be recovered and reused. This does not include ammunition that is assumed to be part of a character's "Tools of the Trade", as those items are not tracked and do not provide any extra benefit.
Worth 1 + its highest Cliche level.

Special Gear: Special gear is gear that either belongs in multiple categories or doesn't belong in any of the above categories. This gear usually has multiple Cliches or a very broad-use Cliche. This Cliche can be teamed with an applicable Cliche or may even be able to act independently. Examples of Special Gear may include vehicles, intelligent weapons, power armor and more.
Worth 2 + its highest Cliche level.

Wealth Gear: Wealth gear is gear that cannot do anything, but is worth something if sold.
Worth highest Cliche level.

Tools of the Trade: This is the gear that characters are assumed to have in order to use their Cliches in the standard fashion. Loss of this gear for a Cliche results in the character only being able to use half the normal number of dice in that Cliche until the gear is replaced.
Worth 2 dice.

Purchasing Gear: In order to purchase gear, the character must choose what he is using as currency and add the value of those items together. The result is the number of dice that will be rolled in combat against the value of the gear to be purchased. If the character offers a value that is equal to or less than the value of the gear being purchased, the seller will team his most haggling-applicable Cliche to his roll. If the character does not have a haggling-applicable Cliche, then use the "When Somebody Can't Participate" rule. If a character offers a value that is greater than the value of the gear being purchased, the seller will not attempt to haggle. If the buyer attempts to haggle, the seller will always attempt to haggle back, regardless of the value of items. If the buyer wins, he loses the gear he was offering and gains the gear he was purchasing. If the seller wins, the buyer cannot attempt to buy that gear again, unless he offers more, in which case the purchasing process begins anew.

Remember, coins are nothing more than wealth gear and may be purchased for other gear (i.e. to sell gear, use this process, but purchase coins with the gear you are selling)