Million: Sample Clichés

Short list of clichés and what they are good for:

Alienist(cracking minds, staring madness in the eye, advertising their asylum to future patients)
Aristocrat(living according to greed and/or lust, debating aristocratic issues, meddling with politics)
Assassin(being stealthy, wielding cuttlery menacingly, cooking killer meals)
Cafe Owner(planing takeovers, leading with an iron fist, seeking world domination)
Conspiracy Theorist(questioning proposed truths, seeking hidden truths, blaming umbrella engineers)
Crackpot Player(taunting others, taking a beating, not knowing when to quit)
Ethnographer(observing, analyzing, and questioning the impact of cultural renaissance on society)
Firefighter(bullying people in the name of democracy, streetfighting, caring for pets for reasons other than to get their vote)
Firestarter(starting fires under extreme conditions, dealing in shady business, being misunderstood)
Florist(doing paramilitary training, busting gangs, making flower arrangements)
Fogger(farming and herding, not being right in the head, duelling with a banjo)
Ghost Catcher(looking grim, catching ghosts, staring death in the eye)
Innkeeper(seeing big, dismissing customers complaints, climbing extreme surfaces)
Junkmonger(knowing the sewers, cheating people, finding cool stuff in a rubbish heap)
Lord of Laughter(dangerously delivering hilarious quips, putting on a false face, walking the fine line between lucidity and madness)
Necromancer(talking to ghosts, looking for corpses, reminiscing over the good old days)
Oddball Player(huffing and puffing, sucking big time, dancing under pressure)
Paparazzo(catching people off guard, speed sketching people into disgrace, being everywhere)
Peace Officer(providing clues, saying witty comments, upholding the law and good manners)
Playwright(finding inspiration in unlikely places, fighting deadlines, not sleeping)
Preacher(swindling money, enslaving minds, stealing souls)
Priest/ess(preaching greed and/or lust, debating religious issues, meddling with politics)
Private Investigator(snooping, intruding, dressing on a budget)
Prophesier(prophesying people's destiny, dealing with unhappy customers, speaking gobbledegook)
Pumpkin Hunter(being very patient, deceiving pumpkins, knowing pumpkins in and out)
Reporter(being nosy, making everything public, influencing public opinion)
Sticker(hiding stickers, knowing bad people, getting high on tiny pictures)
Thespian(dramatizing everything, pretending anything, improvising when all else fails)
Thief(sneaking, aquiring others' properties, minding the quota)
Umbrella Engineer(engineering stuff, claiming to be hiding nothing, conspiring in secret)
Villain People(doing illegal stuff, remaining silent under pressure, dealing in fashion)
Waiter(looking intimidating, conquering terraces, being annoyed by customers)
Weekend Hunter(hunting farm animals, using money as an expedient to victory, roleplaying)
Wizard(defying logic, distracting people, staging big shows)
Woodcutter(cutting down big threes, braving the ghosts out there, wearing very colorful clothing)
Zoologist(understanding animals, understanding economics, reaching nonsensical conclusions)

Risus: The Anything RPG ©1993-2007 by S. John Ross.

Million: Another Fantasy City ©2008-2010 by André Lacerte.