One Page Challenge - 11/7/2012
Create a one page setting, with a Steampunk theme

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  • Gears and Gaslights - This setting is a mash-up of Victorian Steampunk, Dungeon Crawls, and the Ghostbusters movies, by Brent Wolke.
  • Factions of the Citadel - The Second Age - A frantic, PvP, no-GM-needed, combat-centric mess, by Dan Suptic.
  • Arthuria - Paul Stefko gives us Arthuria, which is equal parts Arthur legend, Doctor Who, and clockpunk.
  • Sixguns and Skyships - A Wild West Steampunk setting, by Guy Hoyle.
  • Now there is only ice - Ryan Northcott gives us some post-apocalyptic Steampunk. Printer-friendly version available here.
  • News of the Empire -A Victorian steampunk setting centered in London, by Brent P. Newhall.
  • The Clockwork Crackdown in Halloweentown - A steam-powered evil has taken over Halloweentown; seize the tools of the oppressor to fight back against the Iron Man! Written by Jack W. Shear.
  • Years of Woe - From Ryan L. Shelton, a magi-tech setting reminiscent of China Mieville's Bas-lag. Airships, Anarchists, and Aethermancers!
  • Rule the Rails - Erik Jensen gives a setting that's Post Apocalypse + Steampunk + Car Wars + Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • The Orrery - Fuel up your steamship and explore the solar system in Olman Feelyus' setting.
  • Where Once We Stood On the Shoulders of Giants - A post-apocalyptic Steampunk fantasy setting from James MacGeorge.
  • Ozone Powered - Another submission by James MacGeorge, this one described as "A Game of Political Revolution in a Time of Ecological Devastation".
  • All Submissions - This .zip file contains all submissions for the Risus One Page Challenge ending on 11-7-2012.
    Alternately, you can download all settings in 1 PDF here.