One Page Challenge - 7/21/2012
The adventure must use the following keywords: Abandoned, Howling, Obelisk

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  • Amusement Park - Zoinks guys! Looks like Dan Suptic's groovy adventure is a heck of a mystery! Like, you should totally download the pdf in the Attachments section below!
  • Curse of the Howling Caves - Driven into the strange caves, will your party survive?
  • The Obelisk At Dawn - In the Egyptian underworld, The Queen's skyship has been missing for 3 years, and now it reappears, abandoned. The Pharaoh has order his servants to investigate.
  • Return to The O.B.E.L.I.S.C. - The Outer Belt Elite Level Intelligence and Security Centre (O.B.E.L.I.S.C.) was abandoned almost a century ago at the end of The Insurrection - a relic of unhappier times better forgotten. It’s still there, spinning lazily on it’s tether at the L1 between Kuiper Belt Object 136199 Eris and its primary moon Dysnomia. Who knows what secrets lie hidden in the cold and dark some 59.9 AU from Sol?
  • Get My Damn Obelisk! - Pharaoh is irate. A strange and mysterious howling has terrified the quarry workers, who have abandoned the effort to carve a new, prized obelisk. The new monument must be positioned before the festival, or the gods will be displeased. The players have been enlisted to retrieve the enormous chunk of rock. (A first time Risus adventure.)
  • The Quest for Teh Golden Thong - A merry romp through ancient Greece filled with high adventure and dangerous monsters, beautiful women, and demands from the gods themselves! Does your band have what it takes to find and deliver Teh Golden Thong of Aphrodite?
  • The Abandoned Temple Of The Howling Obelisk - In the Moonstone Tavern the adventurers overhear of activity by an old temple complex called Rug Vorden to the north. They decided to set off the following day...
  • Mission Improbable: Obelisk Park - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to successfully clean up a hidden bio-weapons lab without bothering the neighbors. Did we forget to mention the howling pack of dogs? Don't worry, they won't bite. Much.
  • Gavigan's Isle - A loving tribute to a favorite childhood TV show, plus cannibals. Unfortunately, it's a little over one page long... OK, it's over 4 pages long, but it has all the other qualifications.
  • Karst Chantry - A rather nasty traditional fantasy adventure involving an abandoned wizard chantry overrun by the Cult of the Flayed God. Guaranteed to produce eye strain.
  • Kaiju Shura - Monster Fighting! Use the optional funky dice rules to build your Kaiju (think Godzilla). And prepare to destroy the city of The Abandoned, Howling Obelisk. GM's feel free to pit the local Army, scientists, and townsfolk against the players to keep them on thier toes as they try and rack up points and fend off teh other Kaiju.
  • Red Zone Intrusion - Bad news, commander. Kane apparently decided not to tell us that CABAL had been fragmented and hidden away before the original program went rogue. We need to take out all the fragments before they begin to reconstruct themselves. You'll be going into a Red Zone, and you know the risks. This is going to be nasty.
  • Obelisk: The Howling - A One Page Adventure for Cthulhu Risus by Manu Saxena
  • Showdown at Alice's Daydream  - A gang of neo-anarchist thugs riding a variety of off-road vehicles are terrorizing communities in the Great Plains, and they're hiding out at an abandoned amusement park. When you find their base, how will you restore peace and get out alive?