Add a file
This page explains how to add files to the Risus Archive pages. Files should be added to these pages as opposed to the Risusiverse directly, in order to keep enough space free on all sites. You may embed images to your created pages, so long as you don't have more than a few to embed. If you want to add a lot of related images, create a page on the Art archive for them, and add them there. As with the Risusiverse, any file you upload will be publicly viewable and downloadable.

    1.  First, go to the correct archive page for your content.
    2.  Then, sign in with your Google account, with the 'Sign in' link on the bottom of the page you want to edit.

    3.  Click on the 'Add File' button

    4.  Select your file from your hard drive and hit 'Open' in the browser window

That's all, your file will upload and then be available to the Risusiverse community. You can add a description next to the file name if you like, and remember to link to the file from the page located on the Risusiverse. As always, please follow our Submission Guidelines.