Superhero Characters

Brendan Fuhsaz
Description: A rather non descript looking man, Brendan blends in with very little difficulty.
  • Secret Agent Man (4)
  • Sneaky Mutant Ghost Guy [4d10]
  • Unreadable Psychic [3d10]
  • Street Philoshopher (3)
  • Former Police Detective (3)
Tools: A variety of gadgets and gizmos
Hooks: Doesn't really enjoy working for the government (resists missions).
Tales: Brendan has never been considered one of the super hero set and he's a little miffed about it. He took the job with the government as a spy, since he thought he'd be doing good, but a few years in the business has disillusioned him.

Eric Jones - Oblivious Man
Description: Eric Jones grew up hanging around super heroes. They thought it was neat to let him bring in the towels and what not. However, once his powers became apparent, he seemed to become more and more clueless. They still help him out since they feel sorry for him.
  • Super Strong Indestructable Guy [4d12]
  • Horrible Detective Who Gets By On Luck (4)
  • Former Sidekick to the Super Team [4d8]
  • Bruce Willis (2)
Tools: none
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Ashley Smythe
Description: Ashley is an attractive 20 something who loves to shop and listen to music (but she always manages to get into trouble and require saving).
  • Shrewd Discount Shopper (4)
  • Music Critic for the Online Gazette (3)
  • Damsel in Distress (3)
Tools: credit cards, purse, cell phone (with wireless internet), iPod
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Mitsukie Shinigami - Ex Mortis
Description: Sukie is...a strange girl. A depressive mute goth, she cares for little and almost never has anything more than a look of utter distaste on her face. Past shrouded in mystery, she seems to have no associates or even living relatives. She uses a spell to hide her appearance when patrolling that causes her to look unkempt, emaciated, and half-dead.
  • Necromancer [4]
  • Goth (2)
  • Nihilist beat poet (3)
Tools: Ring of mana focusing, steno notebook, Anne Rice novel.
Hook: Serious trust issues.