Modern Characters

Ronald Trent
Description: Ronald Trent is a very tall man who towers over most around him, but he comes across as a very gentle man, not intimidating. He is good at selling used cars (and now owns his own dealership). For fun, he spends weekends camping, hunting, fishing, or hiking/bird watching. He also enjoys pretending to be a lumberjack for the local tournament.
  • Successful Used Car Salesman (4)
  • Avid Outdoors man (3)
  • Competitor in Lumberjack Tournaments (2)
  • Bird Call Whistler (1)
Tools: none
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Wes Marsters
Description: Wes has nothing much to do with his time. He has enough money to pay for whatever he might need. He took up archery for something to do, and he became really good at it. Between archery events, he acts as a commentator for various obscure sports.
  • 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist (Archery) (4)
  • Obscure Sports Commentator Dragged Out For Special Events (4)
  • Idle Rich (2)
Tools: Credit cards, cash, top of the line bow and arrows
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Daniel Brent
Description: Daniel (never Dan), has always been fascinated with weather (ever since he can remember), and simply loves his job on the morning news. He is married to Jessica, and they have two children (Dianne (4) and Andrew (2)). Daniel fancies himself playing MacGyver in a movie someday.
  • Spunky TV Weatherman (4)
  • Loving Family Man (4)
  • MacGyver Fan (2)
Tools: Who needs Tools when you are like MacGyver?
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Theo Restron
Description: Theo ('T' on the weekends) knows his numbers and how to manipulate them (to his and his clients' benefit). He spends his weekends riding his motorcycle and tearing up the back roads. He spends most evenings writing poetry that he hopes his friends never see/hear.
  • Weekend Tough As Nails Biker Dude Who Ignores The Rules (4)
  • Shrewd Accountant Who Knows All The Rules (4)
  • Secret Heart Felt Poet (2)
Tools: Harley Davidson Night Train, poetry journal, pencil, laptop computer, switchblade
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Donna Richards
Description: Donna is attractive and in her late 20s. She gets by hosting the late night radio show 'World View' and by doing celebrity impressions for commercials. She really wants to be an action movie star, though.
  • Smooth Talking Late Night Radio Talk Show Host (3)
  • Celebrity Voice Impersonator (Rich Little) (3)
  • Aspiring Action Movie Star (2)
  • Curious Gossip (2)
Tools: none
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Sven Mortgensen
Description: Sven inherited money...a lot of it. He has fun going down the slopes at various resorts around he world. He sees himself as very lucky (most of his "accidents" seem to work out for him in the end), and beloved by the ladies everywhere.
  • Accident Prone Professional Skier (4)
  • Part Time Male Super Model (3)
  • Idle Rich Playboy (3)
Tools: ski equipment, wads of cash and credit cards, pen (for autographs)
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Robert Willow
Description: Rob is usually in jeans and a decent flannel shirt. He is clean shaven (just because he lives alone in the woods doesn't make him a bum). He makes a living carving figurines and statues out of wood and selling them at a stand near the highway.
  • Hermit (ala Thoreau) (3)
  • Wood Carver (3)
  • Burned Out Computer Repair Technician (2)
  • Budding Avid Whistler (2)
Tools: various chisels, small hammer
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

William "Bill" Reese
Description: Bill is a barber, plain and simple. He enjoys fishing and enters the local tournaments. He started a barber shop quartet just for fun.
  • Old Fashioned Barber (4)
  • Semi-Professional Bass Fisherman (3)
  • Lead Singer in Bill's Boys (Barber Shop Quartet) (3)
Tools: clippers, scissors, comb, fishing hat (with lures attached), rod and reel
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Ashley Smythe
Description: Ashley is an attractive 20 something who loves to shop and listen to music (but she always manages to get into trouble and require saving).
  • Shrewd Discount Shopper (4)
  • Music Critic for the Online Gazette (3)
  • Damsel in Distress (3)
Tools: credit cards, purse, cell phone (with wireless Internet), iPod
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Maxwell Lewis
Description: Maxwell (Max) is an elderly man in his early 60s. He spent most of his life dedicated to teaching, but took an early retirement (he misses the old days when kids weren't so disrespectful). He still teaches through the driver's education program, but he is becoming disillusioned with all of the old guy jokes. He still has fun acting for the community theater.
  • Disgruntled Driver Education Instructor (4)
  • Retired High School English Teacher (4)
  • Part Time Actor (2)
Tools: none
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Kyle Jordan
Description: Kyle liked the college party life so much that he has yet to graduate (he's about out of majors to switch to, though).
  • Party Animal (3)
  • Repulsive Lecherous Drunk (3)
  • Eighth Year College Senior (3)
  • Harmonica Player (1)
Tools: pocket flask with booze, harmonica
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Billy Marvel
Description: Billy Marvel is a huge fourth grader (he's usually mistaken for a 7th grader) at Mill Beach Elementary School. Other kids are nervous around him since he is so much larger than they are and he isn't very good at controlling his body yet.
  • Clumsy, Over-Sized Kid (4)
  • Teacher's Pet (3)
  • Imaginative Storyteller (2)
  • Unintentional Bully (1)
Tools: backpack, various school books, lunch box, pencils
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Vincent Valentine
Description: Vincent makes a living by providing money to people who can't seem to get a break from standard banking and collecting on the interest. However, he thinks he has an eye for art and many times is given worthless bits of art instead of payments. He started out his career collecting payments for Tony 'Big Boss' Arina.
  • Loan Shark (3)
  • Former Collection Specialist (3)
  • Wanna Be Artist (Water Color Painter) (2)
  • Art Critic (2)
Tools: money, pens, briefcase, billy club, water color paints and brushes
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Explorer Dan
Description: "Explorer" Dan Trewelley enjoys running around the globe on assignment for National Geographic. He loves taking the kid angle with his stories and adventures and exaggerates to no end.
  • World Explorer for National Geographic (4)
  • Anthropolgist (3)
  • General Zoological Surveyor (2)
  • Wanna Be Race Car Driver (1)
Tools: camera, GPS device, notebooks, backpack full of travel/exploring gear
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

John Revalto
Description: John is 40 and still lives in his Mom's basement. He's pretty average, but content with where he's at.
  • Cable Repair Technician (3)
  • Star Bowling Amateur (3)
  • Up and Coming Computer Hacker (3)
  • SciFi Fan (1)
Tools: various Tools: laptop computer, bowling ball & shoes
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Otis Doofbum
Description: Otis is a small man with a big dream, to bring peace to the world through fried foods.
  • World Class Fry Cook (4)
  • Lovable Simpleton (3)
  • 98 Pound Weakling (3)
Tools: spatula
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Marcus Worthingshaw
Description: Marcus Worthingshaw is a self styled expert on how the world should be - everyone should love everyone else. His day job is as a so-so motivational speaker. In his spare time, he hopes to become a world renowned tin whistle player.
  • New Age Peace and Love Guru (4)
  • Fitness Nut (3)
  • So-So Motivational Speaker (2)
  • Tin Whistle Enthusiast (1)
Tools: latest fitness fad book; various new age pendants and necklaces; expensive tin whistle
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Vic Owsley
Description: Vic Owsley is an awesome Hollywood stunt man (too bad he is never remembered for his work); he makes his living as a bodyguard, but wouldn't mind if Fuhsaz took off and he could play bass full time. On weekends, he likes to get out and go camping at the local KOA.
  • Unknown Hollywood Stunt Man (4)
  • Bodyguard to the Rich and not-so Famous (3)
  • Bass Player for the Rock Band Fuhsaz (2)
  • Camping Enthusiast (1)
Tools: vary depending on what he's doing at the time
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

Bill Islington
Description: Bill is scrawny and tends to slouch. He attends a state college in the Midwest. You will often see him sporting a pizza delivery uniform, or tooling about town in his Mercedes coupe. He is a proud member of the Mu Mu Mu faternity.
  • Slacker Pizza Delivery Boy Who Cares More About Partying Than His Grades (4)
  • Ivy-League Dropout Trust Fund Baby (2)
  • Amateur Bookie (3)
  • Worlds Best Singer in His Own Mind (1)
Tools: Matilda the Mercedes, expensive gadgets, trust fund, marijuana, pizza uniform.
Hooks: n/a
Tales: n/a

San Pablo
Description: San Pablo escaped his native country of Mexico and ran across the border to America. He now has many great opportunities living in America, and decided to take up drug dealing, using his great abilities to run, jump and swim to make deals.
  • Run, Jump and Swim (4)
  • Cop Dodging stealth (3)
  • Connections to a large network of dealers (2)
  • Lord of the Dance (1)
Tools: Many, many drugs, a pistol, cell phone.
Hooks: N/A
Tales: N/A

Kent Smith
Description: Kent is an undercover detective, who is now hiding in New York. He specializes in murder cases, and if he can't catch the criminal alive he kills them.
  • Stealthy
  • Has connections with the CIA
  • Is ranked number 3 detective in New York
Tools: Cell phone, 9mm Luger, Laptop, Knife