Beasts and Baddies

This page holds links to all sorts of submitted Risus bad guys and monsters, across a wide spectrum of genres. Add new entries to the bottom of the genre page, separated by a horizontal line.
  • Apocalypse B&Bs - You survived the end of the world; now you're a target for other survivors.
  • Comedy/Toon B&Bs -Hilariously overly malicious and ridiculous, these guys will leave you laughing after the fight.
  • Cthulhu/Horror B&Bs -Crazed cultists, unearthly spawns, and elder gods await you here.
  • Cyberpunk B&Bs - Most Cyberpunk baddies are just characters themselves on the other side of the fight.
  • Fantasy B&Bs - Goblins, orcs, dragons, and failed wizard experiments roam the fantastic worlds.
  • Modern B&Bs - Modern mooks and foes are built just like normal PCs, just with unfriendly motivations.
  • Sci-Fi B&Bs - On alien worlds expect to come across all sorts of strange flora and fauna.
  • Superhero B&Bs - What could have turned these super-powered beings to this life of crime?!
  • Western B&Bs -These folks and critters ended up on the wrong side of your six-piece.
  • WTF/Other B&Bs - The odd things in here make you go 'huh' right before they kill you.